My inspirations come in different shapes and forms. Cultural inspirations tend to influence me the most and I like to use specific cultural elements in my work, either explicitly or implicitly. Other forms of inspirations are my travels and my experiences.

Having spent a lot of time in India for both personal and professional reasons, I am heavily influenced by the colors, shapes, people and landscapes of the country.

All the colours in India gave me a lot of ideas when it came to creating new models and new collection and made me want to add more colour into my work.

The country is very big and I have not seen a lot of the sites, but from all the places I have visited, the state of Rajasthan is my favorite.

For this kind of art, all that’s happen to you give to you inspiration. For my part, my travels give me a lot of inspiration, as I mentioned before, I was especially inspired by India and Greece because these countries gave me a lot of beautiful memories.

When I went to Greece, the landscape gave me a lot of inspiration, all the mountains shapes and the houses on the hills were so charming and picturesque that they really .

If you want to begin to work in ceramics, you can take inspiration from a lot of things in your life and from your surroundings.

I was able to notice that my potteries were rather dark when I was not very good-humored and very colorful when I was joyful.

I then realized that our emotion can be expressed in this art so easily, that a lot of the time we wouldn’t even know it.